The world has fallen into a false hope since four legendary heroes dispelled the last darkness and the wicked Empire of Ashes. The mortals who reside there believe that all is done and gone and peace will reign for eternity. But there are those who know better. The Elves and the Eladrin at Myth Drannor can sense that something is on the wind that hasn’t been for many years, since the fall.

The winds of death are coming again and some darkness cannot be stopped, some winters must come. And in the backwater of the realm in a town called Winterhaven, five heroes, unaware of what is to come and the destiny they share forge an easy alliance to investigate the darkness coming from the Keep above the town.

Elianne An Elven Cleric

The Dragonborn A Fighter who refuses to speak

Razeran A Half-Elf Ranger, merciful and kind-hearted

Corwin A Human Wizard

Ghost An Eladrin Swordmage, the fallen Scion of a noble house

The Coming Winter