Empire of Ashes

150 years before the beginning of this age a young Elf named Kartelas took power over the Elven Realm of Myth Drannor. Kar’Telas was brilliant as a strategist and a politician and the realm slowly grew. Soon the conquering of other nations began and the city of Myth Drannor became an Empire. Under the command of Viscount Kar’Telas the Empire grew from a velvet glove to an iron gauntlet and cities and nations of Faerun fell under his rule, destroyed by Kar’Telas and his Four Generals.

Once the country of Cormyr and most of the Dragon Coast had been conquered a change began to take place. The Empire suddenly became far more ruthless. Cities that were once converted into new citizens of the empire were now being torched as the force of Myth Drannor demolished all it came across. Rumors of vicious magical tortures and mutations began to spread among the populace and even the noble houses of the Empire began to fear for the sanity of the Viscount. Rumors spread like wildfire when Kar’Telas shut himself inside the Tower of Eternity and using the concentrated power of hundreds of mages and warlocks managed to separate the tower and the upper class district of Myth Drannor from the rest of the city and created the Flying Fortress of Veras. Some even feared that the Viscount had died, being replaced with an imposter.

It was around this time that, somewhere in a corner of the Sword Coast a group of four men and women of various races met, and this chance meeting, this moment of clarity spelled the downfall of what was now known as The Empire of Ashes. These four would soon become known as The Four Heroes and their story has since become legend. With their combined might and power these four managed to defeat the generals of Kar’Telas and eventually struck a blow to the heart of the empire, shattering it once and for all. Four Heroes flew to the Tower to take the fight to the Viscount, but only one returned, telling the story of Kar’Telas’ defeat and taking his place as the new Lord of Myth Drannor, disbanding the Empire of Ashes and restoring the monarchy of Cormyr as well as the other nations and cities that had been devoured by the Ashes War Machine. This hero was Lord Raskas the Eladrin Swordmage. He has been ruling Myth Drannor ever since.

The Flying Fortress however, was never breached and floats above the current Realm of Myth Drannor. The body of Kar’Telas was never found, and the floating city has become a symbol of resistance from those who might call themselves Tyrants.

Empire of Ashes

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